Periodic Training

There is still a lot of confusion between the Periodic Training for all professional drivers, and the Initial CPC test taken by new drivers.

Bus and coach drivers who already had their licence before September 2008 escaped having to take the Initial CPC test, but they won’t receive their Driver’s Qualification Card until they’ve completed the 35 hours of Periodic Training.

The 35 hours will have to be completed every 5 years and can be spread over the period, taking 5 separate days or they can be taken in one block of 5 days. If choosing the latter option, be aware that there are certain rules and restrictions to go with this.

For drivers with “grandfather rights” – i.e. those already in possession of a D or D1 licence before September 2008 – the deadline for the first completion is September 2013. After that, a new period of 5 years start and drivers will have until 2018 to complete the next 35 hours of training.

Of course, for the “new” drivers who did take the Initial CPC test, the 5 years start counting from there.

The courses cover a wide variety of topics, all meant to help you become a better driver with high professional standards and an excellent understanding of the passenger transport industry. All courses have to be approved by the JAUPT.

The content is defined in the syllabus as published in the Official Journal of the EU. Courses are either classroom-based, on-the-road training or a combination of both.

The syllabus contains 3 categories:

  • Safe and fuel efficient driving

  • Some examples of courses offered here are:
    • Transmission systems
    • Gear selection
    • Optimising fuel consumption
    • Vehicle stability and loading
    • Passenger comfort

  • Legal requirements and application of regulations

  • Here you will find courses that deal with:
    • Driver’s Hours Regulation
    • Working Time Directive
    • Tachogaph use, both analogue and digital
    • Operator licencing
    • Carriage of specific groups of passengers (children, handicapped,…)
    • Safety equipment on board of buses and coaches
    • Use of seatbelts

  • Health & Safety, environmental care, service and logistics

  • This category deals with:
    • The economic environment of passenger transport
    • Preventing physical risk
    • Company image and the role of the driver
    • Emergency situations
    • First aid
    • The effects of alcohol and drugs

This list is just a sampler of what is available and courses can be tailored to suit individual company needs.

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The Driver Qualification Card is proof that you have completed your 35 hours of Driver CPC.

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