Initial CPC

The process of getting a PCV license has changed to include the Initial CPC tests since September 2008

This test versus the Periodic Training is still causing a lot of confusion among existing drivers. Many still think that they will be required to take the test in order to keep their driver's license as a professional coach or bus driver.

Let me reassure you that this test is ONLY meant for NEW drivers who have started the process of obtaining their license AFTER 10 September 2008. Anyone already in possession of a D or D1 license before that date will not have to take it.

If you have started your licensing proces after 10 September 2008, the test will be part of the procedure.

Two modules have been added to the test that used to consist of a theory part and a practical driving part. Module 1 now refers to the multiple choice theory test, module 2 is the CPC Case Study test, module 3 is the practical driving test and module 4 is the practical CPC test.

  • Case Study Test:
    This test checks your understanding of your working environment as a professional driver and your ability to apply your theoretical knowledge and skills into practice.
    The test is made up of questions relating to a given scenario which then have to be answered in a variety of ways – multiple choice, identifying an image or writing out the answer. The theory behind these questions is the same material that you studied for the Multiple Choice Test, and found in the Official DSA Guide to Driving Buses and Coaches.

  • Practical Demonstration Test:
    This test assesses your knowledge and abilities with regards to safety matters. The test takes on a form of “show and tell”, where you explain and demonstrate certain safety checks on a vehicle.

Any driver who successfully passes all 4 modules will not only receive his driver’s license but also his Driver’s Qualification Card (DQC) as proof that he passed the Initial CPC test and is now legally qualified to drive a passenger vehicle for hire and reward.

From the date that the DQC was issued, the new driver now has 5 years to complete the 35 hours of Periodic Training in order to keep his DQC.

More on Initial CPC

The Driver Qualification Card is proof that you have passed modules 2 and 4 of your driving test.

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