Driver Qualification Card

The Driver Qualification Card (DQC) is evidence that you have obtained your Driver CPC, either through the initial test or through the periodic training.

The card is issued to new drivers after completing modules 2 and 4 of the driving test, which were introduced in September 2008. Anyone who got their D or D1 licence after that date had to pass 2 more tests.

Drivers who already had their D/D1 licence before that date receive the card automatically when they complete the 35 hours of periodic training over 5 years. They do not have to take a test to get the card.

A central database keeps track of the training hours that you have accumulated. Online access to the database to check on your status is now available on the site.

First, you need to register to get a password. You’ll need your driver’s licence number and postcode for this. With that password, you – or your employer if you give permission – can get access to see how many hours of Driver CPC you have completed so far.

In both cases the DVLA will send it to the home address as registered on the driver’s licence, so make sure that’s current. There is no charge for the card itself.

It is mandatory to carry the card with you at all times as you will have to present it when requested during any type of roadside checks. Driving without it is an offence and will be met with a fixed penalty of £30.

If the DQC is lost or stolen the same rules apply as for a digital tachograph card: you need to report it and apply for a replacement within 7 days and you can continue driving for 15 days while you await delivery of the new one. Replacement cards will be charged at £25.

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