Driver CPC

Have you completed your Driver CPC yet?

If you obtained your D or D1 license after September 2008, you will already have your Driver’s Qualification Card (DQC) in your pocket, because you passed the Initial CPC test as part of your licensing process.

If you’re one of the thousands of coach drivers who have been in the business for many years, you will have escaped this initial test due to your grandfather rights.

Regardless of which category you belong to, one thing is the same for every coach driver: the requirement to complete 35 hours of Periodic Training over 5 years to either get or keep your DQC.Whether you believe mandatory training to ensure industry standards is a good thing or not, the requirement as determined in the EU legislation is here to stay.

Getting your 35 hours in to keep your license is not up for debate, but how you fill in these hours is up to you. When forced to shell out for training you might as well make sure that you pick up at least some useful information in exchange for your time and money. And if you’re an operator who is paying for his drivers’ training, you want to see that repaid in improved performance.

On this site you will find lots of information on Driver CPC:

  • What is it: find out about the difference between Initial CPC, Periodic Training and Management CPC.
  • Who needs it: anyone who is driving professionally… or not.
  • When do you need it: while getting your license or spread over time; deadlines and procedures.
  • Where can you get it: all kinds of organizations, from experienced training providers to fuel companies, are jumping on the bandwagon. Make sure you choose the right provider for you and your business.
  • Why is it needed and is this the best way of going about it.

Answers to the questions above and much more - like Management CPC - will be added to this site, to offer concise information on Driver CPC to all professional bus and coach drivers.

Table of Contents

CPC: drivers and management all need to prove their competence
The Certificate of Professional Competence - CPC - comes in many forms now. Which one do you need?
Initial CPC: new test added to driver's license for bus or coach drivers
What is the Initial CPC test and who needs to take it?
Periodic Training: Driver CPC training to get your Driver's Qualification Card
All bus and coach drivers need to complete 35 hours of Periodic Training to keep their licence
The PCV Driving Test:: How to become a professional bus and coach driver
Steps in the driving test you need to take to become a professional PCV driver

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From 10 September 2013 all bus and coach drivers will need to carry their Driver Qualification Card at all times.